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HUAWEI BIGGEST PHONE | We have developed the biggest Huawei phone - an interactive touch screen construction installed at "28 Mall" Shopping center. The device is the copy of Mate 7 model with just one significant difference, it's 125 times bigger.
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SAMSUNG GALAXY S6 | We have developed and managed an integrated communication campaign for Samsung Galaxy S6 launch in Azerbaijan
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NAR | As the new milestone of this year, Trade Mark Leo Burnett Azerbaijan, started cooperation with Nar. Since 2007, Nar became one of the leading companies in the field of telecommunications and mobile communications in Azerbaijan. We have launched a short-term tariff campaign named — "Sizə Salam Gətirmişik".
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MASHA | A brand new concept lounge is opening in Baku, to unite the whole variety of Tea Ceremony from various regions of Azerbaijan in one place — "Masha". Trade Mark Leo Burnett has developed the concept and branding.
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